The Green Future

Blue2Skye Foundation is global movement towards clean, green, future. With its industry leading co-oprative partners BlueSkye is building infrastruc-ture to support and sustain the shift towards the de-carbonized world. Since its foundation the BlueSkye has had only one goal, to be the biggest non-profit operator on GreenTech industry, this goal has been reached in 2019.

Greentech.Exchange (GTE) is the next step, fully operational Vertical Exchange platform reaching all global banking security standards. The “NASDAQ” of GreenTech industry. The GreenTech Exchange is due to be launched globally 1st of August 2019. Full trading operations will be commencing on the 15th of August 2019

Greentech.Exchange is the channel to finance Greentech ventures global-ly. GTE operates with THE BIGGEST companies and operators to finance technology, operations and growth of the Green -and CleanTech industries under our umbrella. The partners and clients are introducing financing options to best sea, sun, wind, gas, and waste-to-energy opportunities. While GTE is taking care of the financing, the Global Greentech Fund, the re-financing medium is pushing signed partners to even further success.

  • The Greentech Exchange is a multi-currency, SegWit enabled, multi-sig-nature, high-frequency trading platform for digital verticals, just as the Climate Vertical, the No1 GreenTech vertical in the world.
  • GTE supports all major world fiat currencies such as USD, Euro among others in transfers in and out
  • Bank level defences to protect all of our users from hacks such as 3-point architecture and DB encryption
  • Multi-signature cold wallet and encrypted hot wallet
  • GTE supports all online verticals and we are able to implement the addi-tions to our ecosystem fast and reliable way.
  • The architecture allows Verticals to be added or removed easily as per agreed requirements
  • GTE enables clients and GreenTech operators to conduct geography specific user KYC and AML checks for compliance
  • GTE provides advanced features such as SegWit, BIP-32, Firebase among many others
  • GTE provides defaults to price-time priority matching engine but can be customised as per requirements
  • Exchange operations are available globally on iOS, Android and Web versions, GTE is everywhere.

Success through Greener Future

GreenTech.Exchange (GTE) is a part of BlueSkye Foun-dation, one of the biggest GreenTech Non-Profit oper-ator Globally. As a financing pathfinder organization Greentech.Exchange…

Seeking Funding

The Innovative Financing of Greentech.Exchange (GTE) is dedicated for financing innovative Greentech and Cleantech -technologies and results-oriented strategies for development…

No Need for IAT, ACH, WordlLink coding or non-IAT ACHs

(e.g. PPD or CCD)

No Market risk. The risk of investments is low because only a few variables are affecting the market; the value of units will remain the same, sales of electricity the prices are only expected to rise due to overall prices and re-development of areas… …