Seeking Funding

The Innovative Financing of Greentech.Exchange (GTE) is dedicated for financing innovative Greentech and Cleantech -technologies and results-oriented strategies for development…

We help structure project finance, partnerships, patents, business development and other busi-ness related financial products for innovation in greentech, cleantech, renewable energy, environ-ment and humanitarian affairs

Drawing on our global contacts and financing and business developing expertise, we build collaborations and structures that deliver new, ideas, strategies, collaborations, clients, funds and greater impact to climate healing through innovation.

GTE was founded in 2019 by BlueSkye Foundation, a pioneer in the field of innovative non-profit organisation on climate heal-ing, having structured the decarbonizing challenge, waste-to-power and the carbonfootprint calculator programs and many other important climate healing instruments.

Our financed projects are selected based on their potential for game-changing innovation, results, scalability and self-sus-tainability. Theslow “healing of the climate” being the target with every financed greentech (environmental technology) and cleantech project.

We are always looking for new and exchiting innovations on:

  • Wind power
  • Hydropower
  • Solar energy
  • Solar thermal
  • Geothermal energy
  • Bioenergy
  • Photovoltaic development
  • Biofuel development
  • Waste to Energy
  • Electrical energy storage
  • Biogas Development
  • Ground Water purification
  • Water development
  • Selective catalytic reduction
  • Soil remedy programs
  • Waste management solutions

Success through Greener Future

GreenTech.Exchange (GTE) is a part of BlueSkye Foun-dation, one of the biggest GreenTech Non-Profit oper-ator Globally. As a financing pathfinder organization Greentech.Exchange…

No Need for IAT, ACH, WordlLink coding or non-IAT ACHs

(e.g. PPD or CCD)

No Market risk. The risk of investments is low because only a few variables are affecting the market; the value of units will remain the same, sales of electricity the prices are only expected to rise due to overall prices and re-development of areas… …

The Green Future

BlueSkye Foundation is global movement towards clean, green, future. With its industry leading co-oprative partners BlueSkye is building infrastruc-ture to support and sustain the shift towards the decarbonized world…