No Need for IAT, ACH, WordlLink coding ornon-IAT ACHs

(e.g. PPD or CCD)

No Market risk
The risk of investments is low because only a few variables are affecting the market; the value of units will remain the same, sales of electricity the prices are only expected to rise due to overall prices and re-development of areas.

When the level of life standard rises in the areas we operate the need for electricity is due to be much larger. Currently, the need for new providers is great and generally the counted produce 20-40% lesser electricity than there is a need for.

No Equity risk
– applies more to an investment in share type of verticals. The market price of verticals varies all the time depending on demand and supply. Equity risk is the risk of loss but in climate vertical side it’s low because of the constant flow of purchases from the side of the foundation, Foundation uses 100% of its gained income (not just profit) to purchase verticals from the market, with current market value. That can’t be changed, ever. If the market value is high or lowers the income from hundreds of power stations and thousands of companies and millions of individuals taking part in challenge-globally. Gained currencies globally will be traded 24/7 to verticals automatically.

No Currency risk
–Climate Vertical is not related directly or dependent on ANY specific currency. The value of Climate vertical is moving on de-mands to sell and buy but the buying force of much stronger than normal share or vertical depending on the influx of constant investments by the Foundation.

No Liquidity risk
The GreenTech Exchange is open 24/7 you can insert your investment to verticals from anywhere in the world and if you decide to take it out you can do that as well from anywhere you might be or traveling to. The risk of being unable to sell your investment at a fair price and get your money out is minimal and only related to the banking you are using or where you are forwarding your assets from the wallet you use in our exchange. To sell the investment, you normally don’t need to be worried about the decrease of your funds because of the security of the increase and high yield of the fund and foundation verticals.

No Concentration risk
Because of “free trade – free love to our climate” -policy GreenTech Exchange has given the possibility to trade, sell or pur-chase Climate Verticals without ANY relevant processing or transaction-based fees. The possibility to do trading without rele-vant fees gives the opportunity to do trading even minute, hour, day or weekly basis without no headache. Because of legally verified contracts with the Foundation also the influx of their investments to the Vertical is a matter which cant be changed, ever.

No Inflation risk on verticals
Inflation is the tax on everyone, at least to the funds in currency form, some regular shares are also affected badly on inflation cases when the company behind the shares is acquiring parts or services from places which all of the sudden are more ex-pensive because of currency valuation change. Inflation destroys value and creates recessions. On Climate Vertical invest-ments we have no variation on inflation the price of the vertical simply variates automatically towards all of the currencies mirroring its value on the value of the currency it will be traded with it. The inflation risk applies thou on the currency on client accounts not yet traded to verticals, we advise firmly the customers to keep the assets on vertical if the possibility of inflation is in the air.

No Horizon risk
While using Climate Vertical as your investment of choice you never need to sign agreements on keeping the vertical more that you are ready to. The risk that your investment horizon may be shortened because of an unforeseen event, for example, the loss of your job is basically not a risk when if this happens you can immediately start trading the necessary verticals you need to trade to any currency you need use. Basically the climate Vertical is an investment in your pocket which you can easily change to assets where ever you travel or roam, having Climate Verticals on you gives you total freedom to choose and move globally.

No Longevity risk
The risk of outliving your savings is no longer a factor when you can start investing in a Climate Vertical and let your invest-ment grow while you live your life. Foundation is building 10- 30 new units to produce electricity per year, every one of those will give a big push to the value of the vertical. In normal stock investment, the risk is particularly relevant for people who are retired or are nearing retirement. On climate vertical this could be considered as a private fund for a better life and possible traveling when the time is right for it…. constant minimum 12% increase will create an opportunity for a good life, in the global or local scene.

No Foreign investment risk
The whole idea is to have an international Vertical that moves with you, where ever you go. The trading platform fits to your pocket as part of your mobile device and the risk of loss when investing in foreign countries is removed when everything you need and have is with you 24/7 . on old fashioned stock side when you buy foreign investments, for example, the shares of companies in emerging markets, you face risks that do not exist in Europe, for example, the risk of nationalization. With Climate Exchange you invest in high yield, a fast-growing asset that you are safe to have and travel with.

No Market Value Risk
Market value risk refers to what happens when the market turns against or ignores your investment, on the positive side we have our work cut for us for hundreds of years forward. Electricity is rated almost at the same level in life with air to breathe and water to drink, without electricity everything stops and life as we know will end. As It happens when the market is changing and people see the volatility lack of security of old type of shares movement towards Climate Vertical as the “next hot thing” starts and leaves many good, but unexciting companies behind. Some investors have already now found this a good thing and view it as an opportunity to load up on great Verticals for investment at a time when the markets just sprouting with its first green leaves isn’t bidding down the price with competition like in old fashioned stocks.

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